Testing Services


Our core testing team have ability to re-engineer and re-process the testing methodologies by using the various open source tools available in the market.

Usage of tools to develop automation purely depends on the functionality. Based on the functionality, test cases, complexity and protocol usage, the tool will be selected to automate the test cases.

In scenarios where automation does not perform well, we resort to manual testing and identify all test cases to test the functionality. While developing test cases, we do not cater to positive test cases alone. We aim to develop test cases to test the negative functionality and provide the results.

In either ways, we strive to release bug-free application and take accountability otherwise.

On top of providing functional testing, we are proficient in conducting performance testing and load testing. Depending on the functionality we identify the tools and develop test scripts. We always conduct the baseline run to capture raw metrics and depending on exercise we conduct the required number of runs.

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