Even though we are not a process certified organisation, we always strictly adhere to in-house processes to ease the work stress and make us to work more organized.

Every phase of our work with our clients will be preceded and succeeded by proper documentation and communication. Any commitments we make to the client are captured in minutes and closed upon successful completion and approval. Whenever we are a bit incredulous in our scheduled dates we will attribute the risk factor and perform risk analysis whenever possible.

Proper planning, capturing of schedule and effort metrics, identifying and analysing risks, escalating risk factors and delays, reviewing each and every deliverable, identifying crucial milestone and delivering in appropriate time are some of the processes we maintain internally when we serve our clients.

We frequently take feedback from our clients and audience and earnestly work to improvise our services and standards.

Our Corporate Goals are:

a) Keep track of deliveries and achieve milestones without any delays

b) Transparency and Honesty with clients

c) Provide 365 degree appraisal mechanism whenever possible to our team members

d) Always stay on top of the technologies and provide an excellent growth to team members

e) Add values to the work we perform to clients